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How I Cured My Essential Tremor

Living with essential tremor can feel debilitating. Doing something as simple as drinking from a cup of water or writing down a to-do list is all of a sudden a big task, and it makes you yearn for the days when you could do things without involuntary shaking. If you suffer from essential tremor, you probably catch yourself wondering more often than not, “Can you heal essential tremors?”.

The answer isn’t so simple. While you can’t exactly cure ET, you can effectively manage the symptoms so they’re not nearly as frustrating to deal with. And we’ll be explaining exactly how to do so in the article below.

In this article, we’ll be answering important questions about essential tremors, like “how do you reverse essential tremors?” and “can essential tremor disappear?”. Continue reading to find out more about how some have treated their essential tremor so you can figure out what the best treatment option is for you.


How To Cure Essential Tremor

Essential tremor is one of the most common movement disorders that can affect different parts of the body. Essential tremor can cause uncontrollable shaking in the hands, arms, head, and various other areas. Essential tremor symptoms are typically worsened by stress and purposeful movement, which can make doing simple tasks much more difficult.

So if you’re itching to find out how to get rid of tremors, we have good news and bad news. The bad news is that ET cannot be cured, but the good news is that it can be effectively managed with various treatments, such as medications, surgery, natural remedies, and lifestyle changes. So while there may not be an exact cure for essential tremor, you can manage the symptoms to a point where it doesn’t have nearly as much of an effect on your daily life.

Can You Heal Essential Tremor?

There is no cure for essential tremor, but symptoms can be managed with a variety of treatment options which we’ll discuss below.  Continue reading to find out more about how to cure essential tremor symptoms and the different treatment options that are available.

Treatment For Managing Your Tremors

If you suffer from ET, you know just how frustrating and debilitating it can get. Fortunately, there are various treatments for managing tremors. While you can’t just eliminate ET from your life altogether, you can minimize its effects on your daily life with these helpful treatments:


There are three primary classes of medicines used to treat essential tremor: beta-blockers, anticonvulsants, and benzodiazepines.

Beta-blockers, such as propranolol, are the only FDA-approved medications for essential tremor. This medication has shown to reduce tremor symptoms in patients, but there are possible side effects, such as lightheadedness, fatigue, and impotence.

Anticonvulsants, such as Primidone and Gabapentin, are also used to treat ET but may come with side effects like dizziness, fatigue, and sedation.

Benzodiazepines are mainly helpful for those who suffer from tremors that worsen with anxiety or stress. However, while benzodiazepines may be helpful in reducing tremors, they do pose various health risks, such as drowsiness, depression, and loss of orientation.

Before you start any medication for your ET, it’s crucial to discuss with your doctor so you can figure out which is the best option for your specific situation.


Surgery is typically used as a last resort option for essential tremor treatment because it’s more invasive and can pose permanent side effects. There are various surgical treatment options for ET, such as deep brain stimulation (DBS), focused ultrasound (FUS), and gamma knife radiosurgery (GKS).

Deep brain stimulation involves getting wires tipped with electrodes implanted into the areas of your brain that affect movement. The wires are connected to an impulse generator battery (IPG) that’s located under the collarbone. The IPG provides electrical impulses, which can be controlled by the patient to reduce tremor symptoms.

A focused ultrasound combines magnetic resonance imaging and ultrasound technology to generate detailed pictures so that surgeons can get a better look at the affected parts of the brain. A focused ultrasound treatment involves using thousands of concentrated ultrasound beams to target the affected area of the brain in an effort to reduce tremor symptoms.

Gamma knife radiosurgery is a precise form of radiation therapy that involves treating brain lesions with intense beams of gamma rays. These gamma rays contain enough radiation that they’re able to destroy cells so that they can’t grow.

Natural Remedies

If medication or surgery isn’t for you, there are various natural remedies you can also try out, such as:

  • Herbal Medicine: Herbal medicine has been found to be an effective treatment for ET in some individuals. In a study of 69 ET patients, 48 showed improvement with the use of herbal medicine, which is almost 70%.
  • Acupuncture: Acupuncture is believed to reduce tremor symptoms, but only for early-onset tremor patients.
  • Relaxation Techniques: Stress and anxiety can worsen tremor symptoms, so it’s important to try out different relaxation techniques, such as diaphragmatic breathing and meditation. These relaxation techniques will help to calm the mind and body, and thus reduce tremor symptoms.
  • Massage Therapy: Frequent massages have been found to reduce ET symptoms because they promote mental and physical relaxation.
  • Physical Therapy: Physical therapy is a great way to treat your ET naturally because it can improve your muscle strength, control, and coordination, which in turn can reduce your tremor symptoms. For ET patients, physical therapy will mainly involve resistance training.

Try out any of these natural remedies and you’ll find yourself telling people “how I treated my essential tremor naturally” in no time. Just make sure you discuss with your doctor before trying anything new.


Another way to treat essential tremor involves making some simple lifestyle changes. For instance, you can use assistive devices and coping mechanisms to better manage your ET symptoms. Tremors don’t have to control your life if you take control of them by making small lifestyle changes.

For example, you can use digital banking rather than writing out a check or talk to type instead of typing on a keyboard. You can use mugs with lids and straws, as many people with ET struggle with drinking out of a cup. You can buy clothes with velcro instead of buttons and hooks, which can be difficult to manage for someone with tremors. You should also aim to get enough sleep and reduce stress in your daily life, as tremor symptoms tend to worsen when you’re tired or anxious.

All of these options are small lifestyle changes that will have a big impact on how you live your daily life as someone with ET.


Can Essential Tremor Disappear?

While ET can’t be cured and won’t necessarily “disappear”, there are several treatment methods you can use to treat symptoms and in turn, lessen the effect ET has on your life.

Can Essential Tremor Be Reversed?

No, but early diagnosis and treatment can help lessen the effects of ET and boost confidence and mobility. There are various treatment options for ET, such as medication, surgery, and natural remedies, that can reduce ET symptoms to a much more manageable degree.

What Makes Essential Tremor Worse?

In addition to treating symptoms, managing your ET also involves knowing and avoiding triggers/learning how to cope with symptoms when it’s activated.  Anxiety and stress can worsen tremor, especially in situations where your tremor may be more apparent, like if you’re eating or drinking in public. Medicine and caffeine can also worsen tremors, so you should limit your caffeine intake and always check with your doctor before starting a new medication.

How Cala Trio Therapy Can Help You

There’s no denying that living with essential tremor is frustrating, but fortunately, there are various ways you can reduce your tremor symptoms. There might not be a cure for ET, but you can manage the symptoms to a point where they don’t have nearly as much of an impact on your daily life.

If you’re interested in treating your essential tremors naturally, you should check out Cala Trio therapy — a non-invasive, drug-fee ET treatment delivered in a wrist-worn essential tremor device designed to reduce symptoms. This essential tremor bracelet targets the root cause of essential tremors by gently stimulating the wrist nerves with electricity. Every person’s tremors are different, and this treatment is safe and individualized for each person’s unique brain signal pattern.

According to clinical evidence, some Cala Trio patients showed tremor reduction as large as 55-90%, which is comparable to surgical outcomes — just without the risk of serious side effects. Cala Trio therapy is easy to implement into your daily life so you can regain that sense of freedom and confidence that you’ve been wishing for. If you’re looking for a safe and effective ET treatment so you can get back to doing your everyday tasks with ease, consider Cala Trio therapy.

Prior to use, refer to the product labeling for complete product instructions for use, contraindications, warnings, and precautions at CalaTrio.com/Safety. Always contact your health care provider with any questions or concerns.