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Based on your responses, Cala kIQ™ System may be right for you. The Cala kIQ System requires a prescription from a medical doctor.

Download a doctor discussion guide to help you talk to your doctor about adding Cala’s TAPS therapy to your treatment plan for hand tremors.

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Cala therapy has made such a difference in my life. I can now hold my book steady as I read. I can cut vegetables with more control, and the best part is being able to eat and drink without it spilling all over me.


Ministry volunteer and grandmother

It was a no-brainer. I went with the Cala therapy, and since then, my tremors have gradually improved, and today I feel near-normal again.


Retired Air Force veteran

Cala has given me the ability to go back out in the world... I have the ability to go to meetings again. I am politically active.


Cala user

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Solving Diagnostic Dilemmas: How a Skin-Based Test for Synucleinopathies Can Change the Treatment Course for Patients Presenting with Tremors

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Essential Tremor Symptoms, Severity Improved With Cala Trio Neuromodulation Device

Results of the landmark PROSPECT trial of the Cala Trio, a wrist-worn wearable neuromodulation device for essential tremor (ET), suggest that the device is safe and effective for the reduction of hand tremor in individuals with ET.

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