Can I use Cala Therapy on my other hand or both hands at once?

Cala Therapy has specific bands for left and right wrists. With two (2) complete prescriptions from your physician, we can support you in using therapy on both hands.

Consult with your physician and determine the hand where tremor reduction would help you the most. Cala Therapy provides transient relief of hand tremors in the treated hand.

Can I loan it to a friend?

Cala Therapy is available by prescription for an individual. There are three aspects of the prescription that are unique to you. During calibration, Cala Therapy learns about your tremor and personalizes therapy according to its characteristics. If a friend is interested in Cala Therapy, share your experience, and encourage your friend to talk to their physician about Cala Therapy.

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Can I stop taking my medication(s) for essential tremor?

In the clinical trials, subjects used Cala Trio while taking their medication for essential tremor.

It is best to discuss your therapy options with your physician.

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What are therapy side effects?

The following are possible minor/moderate risks or adverse reactions that you may experience with the use of Cala Therapy:

  • Discomfort with stimulation (e.g. stinging, sensation of weakness, etc.)
  • Allergic reaction to electrodes or other materials
  • Skin irritation, including electrical stimulation burns, redness and/or itching

Water helps with the connection between your skin and the electrodes in the band. Without water you may experience discomfort or a warning display during therapy.

In the unlikely event that any of the following more significant issues happen, immediately stop using Cala Therapy and contact your physician.

  • Signs of significant and persistent skin irritation, sores, electrical stimulation burns, or lesions at the site of stimulation
  • Significant and persistent increase in muscle tightness or stiffness
  • A feeling of chest pressure during stimulation Swelling of your arm, wrist, or hand

For a full list of possible side effects, please refer to the Safety Information.

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Can I use Cala Therapy if I have an implanted device, like a pacemaker or a deep brain stimulator?

Talk to your doctor. The device should NOT be used:

  • by patients with an implanted electrical medical device, such as a pacemaker, defibrillator, or deep brain stimulator
  • by patients that have suspected or diagnosed epilepsy or other seizure disorder
  • by patients who are pregnant
  • on swollen, infected, inflamed areas, or skin eruptions, open wounds, or cancerous lesions

Please refer to the Safety Information for a complete list of warnings and precautions.

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