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How does Cala Therapy work on my hand tremor?

Cala Therapy delivers electrical stimulation to nerves in the wrist. These nerves project from the wrist to central brain networks that are responsible for generating hand tremor in essential tremor. Stimulation of the nerves in the wrist is thought to disrupt the network activity causing hand tremor and provide temporary and meaningful tremor reduction in your treated hand.

Will Cala Therapy reduce or eliminate my essential tremor symptoms?

Cala Therapy provides temporary relief of hand tremors. In our clinical study, it delivered meaningful tremor improvement in 75% of patients after a single 40-minute therapy session. Cala Therapy users have described the benefits of therapy as allowing greater ease and ability in their everyday activities. On average, patients demonstrated a 49% reduction in tremor amplitude in Activities of Daily Living like eating with a spoon and holding a full cup of water. However, some patients had as large as an 80% reduction. Use of the device is the best way to assess if Cala Therapy is effective for you. (Reference: Pahwa, et al. An Acute Randomized Controlled Trial of Noninvasive Peripheral Nerve Stimulation in Essential Tremor, Neuromodulation 2019.)