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How do I know I’ve placed the Cala kIQ system on my wrist correctly?

When you put on your Cala kIQ system, ensure that the double notches on the band are approximately aligned with the center of the inside of your wrist and that the single notch is in line with your thumb. Pull the end of the Cala kIQ band to tighten and then fasten the band securely and tightly.


  • The band should be comfortable but snug enough so it does not slide along or around the wrist


  • The electrodes should be flush with the skin


In a therapy session, you should feel a tingling sensation in your wrist, hand and/or fingers but not your pinky. If you aren’t feeling this in any part of the wrist, hand or fingers, consider adjusting the band. If you feel it is only some part of the wrist, hand, and/or fingers, it’s a good start and may be how therapy will work for you. It is important that you feel this tingling in some part of the wrist, hand, and/or fingers.

MM-0004 Rev B