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Why is Cala Therapy 40 minutes of stimulation?

The 40-minute stimulation duration was informed by research leading to the clinical study supporting Cala Therapy labeling.

How long does it take for Cala Therapy to start working?

In our clinical study of Cala Therapy, participants who experienced tremor reduction from therapy observed this after the 40-minute stimulation session. We recommend using Cala Therapy twice per day for two weeks to evaluate if and how therapy works for you. Note that the device is designed to provide at least five sessions when its battery is fully charged. With experience, users may find the frequency of use that works best for them.

How long do the benefits or effect of Cala Trio therapy last?

In the PROSPECT study, a three-month, at-home clinical trial, 64% of patients reported persistent tremor relief after the 40 minutes of stimulation lasting on average 94 minutes (standard deviation = 138; median = 60). <more>


MKG-1050 Rev P Aug 2021