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Patient and Healthcare Provider Steps

Healthcare Provider (HCP) Steps:

  1. Determines that a patient may benefit from the Cala Trio therapy and submits a prescription.
  2. Submits a copy of both sides of the patient’s insurance identification card.
  3. Provides Medical Necessity documentation—derived from the patient medical records.

Patient Steps with Cala Customer Care Support

  1. The patient is assessed by the HCP for Cala Trio therapy to treat ET at an in-person or telemedicine appointment.
  2. When the prescription, insurance card, and medical necessity documents are submitted, Cala Customer Care verifies:
    1. health plan benefits
    2. reviews medical necessity documentation
    3. confirms treated hand, wrist measurement & tremor task
  3. Submits request for prior authorization (as needed).
  4. Collects patient’s signature on the Patient Intake and Agreement form (if not previously submitted).
  5. If coverage is denied, Cala will appeal the determination at no cost to the patient.
  6. When prior authorization is received, Cala Customer Care will ship Cala Trio therapy directly to the patient and provide training for the device.

MKG-1533 Rev C Oct 2022