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How does my patient learn to set up and use Cala Therapy?

Like a specialty pharmacy, Cala Customer Success manages this process. We guide your patient in setting up Cala Therapy which includes

  1. Positioning and Fastening Cala Therapy
  2. Calibrating Cala Therapy
  3. Setting Therapy Intensity

See the section for Setting Up Cala Therapy in the Health Care Professional Guide for details on each of these steps.

If my patient has a question about Cala Therapy, who can they call for support?

When a prescription is received, Customer Success reaches out to them to discuss therapy, answer their questions including costs, and arrange shipment to them. Once delivered, they meet with your patient by phone or video to setup therapy; approximately 60% of the patients request this personal support. Additionally, there are instructions and videos to get started using Cala Therapy. After this initial training, Customer Success continues to support them with Cala Therapy including helping them understand how therapy best fits into their life.

MKG-1050 Rev P Aug 2021