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How do I fit a patient for Cala Therapy?

Fit and placement of the Cala Therapy are essential to therapeutic efficacy. First, choose which hand to treat. Cala Therapy is designed to stimulate nerves in the left OR right wrist; the uniquely-shaped stimulator connects to left and right bands differently. The device is NOT interchangeable between the left and right hand. Next, measure the patient’s wrist circumference over the wrist bone (head of the ulna/styloid process) to determine band size. Read tips to measure wrist when the patient is self-measuring or if the measurement tool is not available, read tips here.

Can my patient use Cala Therapy to treat hand tremor in both hands?

Yes, treatment for both hands is available with two (2) complete prescriptions.

Before prescribing two (2) Cala Therapy devices, we recommend first prescribing one (1) Cala Therapy device. After the patient confidently learns to manage the treatment of their hand tremor with Cala Therapy, then consider prescribing the second one to treat the other hand.

MKG-1050 Rev P Aug 2021