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What should be the biggest change to wearables in the next five years?

Doug Biehn, our chief commercial officer, shares his predictions on the future of wearables.

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A Wrist-Worn Device is Helping to Relieve Essential Tremor Patient

US Air Force veteran Ben Duncan shares his experience navigating essential tremor with the Dallas Observer.

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Harnessing the Potential of Bioelectronic Medicine To Treat Essential Tremors

Technology Networks spoke to Renee Ryan, Cala Health’s CEO, to learn more about bioelectronic medicine and its development. In this interview, Renee also discusses the history of bioelectronic medicine and her thoughts on where the field could be headed.

Health Tech: Renee Ryan On How Cala Health’s Technology Can Make An Important Impact On Our Overall Wellness

CEO Renee Ryan shares more about Cala’s mission in Authority Magazine’s series on technology making an important social impact.

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Cala Health Hopes To Shake Up Essential Tremor With Wrist-Worn Non-Invasive Stimulation

Renee Ryan talks with MedTech Insight on future indications for Cala TAPS therapy.

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Cala shares the results of a post-market analysis showing device use and efficacy

Individuals with essential tremor saw a median 51% reduction in tremor power and a 71.7% rate of tremor “relief,” according to the analysis.

Press releases

Cala Health Is Building Momentum By Expanding Affordable Access for Patients with Essential Tremor

Cala Health Raises $77M to Expand Patient Access and Fuel Continued Innovation

Cala Trio is a Rising Standard of Care for the Treatment of Essential Tremor through Clinical Research and Industry Guidelines

Cala Health and University of California, San Francisco Announce Partnership to Develop Next-Generation, Smart Neuromodulation Therapies

Cala Health Announces Expansion of Executive Team with Steve Higa and Greg Schulte

Cala Health Reports New Data Presented at ISPOR, Highlighting Essential Tremor (ET)-Related Comorbidities and Economic Burden


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Renee Ryan, CEO at Cala Health | Raising $77 Million as a First-Time CEO: How an Investment Banker became a Corporate Venture Investor who turned to Entrepreneurship

Renee joins the MedTech Money podcast to discuss her transition from the VC world to a CEO.

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Electricity as Medicine: Lux Capital’s Josh Wolfe and Cala Health CEO Renee Ryan

Lux Capital Managing Partner and Co-Founder Josh Wolfe visits the headquarters of Lux portfolio company Cala Health in Burlingame, California and has a conversation with CEO Renee Ryan. You’ll get an inside look at how Cala is empowering people with chronic disease.

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Treating Essential Tremors with Bioelectronic Wearable Device with Renee Ryan Cala Health

Cala Health CEO talks about the focus of Cala on using electricity as medicine by developing wearable electronics to treat tremors in the hands of essential tremor patients.

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CEO, Renee Ryan Brings Business Building Insights to Bioelectronic Medicine Startup

In this episode of DeviceTalks Weekly, Tom Salemi, editorial director of DeviceTalks events and content, visits with Renee Ryan, the CEO of neuromodulation startup Cala Health.


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Game Changing Startups 2020

We highlight 2020’s emerging trends to watch and high-momentum startups with world-changing potential. The past few decades have seen unprecedented levels of innovation, especially in what Peter Thiel calls the world of “bits,” or software, internet, and mobile technology.