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A message from our CEO

During this unprecedented time, we want to assure the neurology community that Cala Health continues to work diligently to follow all protocols set by our health and government leaders. As an Essential Employer we are processing new and existing prescriptions, providing Cala Trio users with online resources/phone training, and supporting physicians. Living independently at home is very challenging for people living with essential tremor, particularly hand tremors. Fortunately, Cala Trio is easy to prescribe with a telemedicine consultation and does not require any in-office appointments, mitigating potential COVID-19 exposure for patients and prescribers. Please contact us if you have any questions about Cala Trio.

We are sending positive thoughts to everyone across the globe as we come together to overcome this global health issue.

Renee Ryan
Chief Executive Officer

MKG-1084 Rev B 2020